Stomp Sessions

UX/UI Design

Heuristic Evaluation and App Redesign

Stomp Sessions helps skaters and riders connect with a professional to learn new skills. A co-worker and I redesigned the User Interface and User Experience after having done a Heuristic Evaluation of 1 task flow.

Before the app redesign Stomp Sessions lacked structure and information hierarchy. The redesign aims to increase usability.


To help improve the visibility of the system status, clearer language was used, consistent use of typography and iconography.


Creating a minimalistic design with less overwhelming colour and friendlier copywriting users are able to complete the task.
Information Hierarchy is communicated with font-weight, colour contrast, alignment and location of information to help scalability.

UI Library

Creating a UI library was crucial in order to stay consistent with the design while working in a team.

I learned a lot from this project. Time management and open communication allowed us to work efficiently. Collaborating on the same art board made us stay consistent. Iterating through different designs helped me work constructively