Responsive Website and Branding

for Project Transform X

User Friendly Web Experience:

✔️ Basic SEO
✔️ Mobile Optimized Site
✔️ 2 Landing Pages for Ads
✔️ Testimonial Page

Project Brief

A website to sell Project Transform X's Personal Training App. Generate new clients and showcase Testimonials.

What the client wanted:


A Website that helps generate more clients


2 Landing Pages for Facebook/Insta ad leads


Testimonials Page to showcase client results


Sell multiple packages through the site

Users on PTX App

Before the Website

Before the website redesign


People using PTX App right now

Projection + Goals

Our 1 year goal

300 users = $34,000 a month

*just sayin'

Brand Love and Messaging

Client Goals

Understanding the clients goals for their business, I was able to create a strong message that would speak directly to their target audience.

Getting The Message Right

Working with a professional Copy Writer we created a strong brand message. Easy to read and understand.


Creating a website that has a look and feel of what Project Transform is all about. Consistency with branding is key to client retention.

Logo Refinment

Optimizing the logo so it can be scaled from a social icon all the way to a printed banner.

The Strategy For
Website Conversion


Facebook and Instagram ads are created to drive potential new clients to the website.

Brand Love

Creating a brand and image that PTX clients can recognize and relate to. Branding can now be used on social media accounts for consistency.

User Friendly

Creating a user friendly experience allows the website to well - turn users into a new clients.

Mobile Friendly

Easy to navigate and fun to use. New clients are able to sign up and start a workout - all on their phone.


The return on investment

A user friendly website that converts leads into paying clients.