Little League

Jericho Little League needed a website that could help facilitate the registration of each season. It needed to be easy to navigate, reassure parents and have all important information laid out.

Where did it start?

It started with a conversation.

Understanding who’s using the website is where I usually begin. In this case, it’s players parents, volunteers, coaches, and umpires.

The main objective was to register for the season and see the most important dates. The first phase was delivering a mockup that the client approved before building out the whole site. 

✅ Strong mission statement

Within the first few words the user knows where they are and what Jericho Little League is all about.

✅ CTA (Call to Action)

The most important goal for this project was an easy way for a player to register for the season.

✅ Important Information

Putting vital information on the first section of the homepage allows parents to see important dates.

Re-organizing the navigation and putting the most important menu items at the top creates a better experience for parents and fellow Jericho Little League members.

Some Key Highlights


They’re the first and second hit on Google. Making sure the SEO is set up properly is crucial if you want people to find you. Most people will search for your website using google. 

Re-organizing the menu

Putting the most important information at the front makes it easier for a user to find what they’re looking for. 

Creating data tables

Before the redesign they were using google sheets and they didn’t work on mobile. Creating data tables makes for a more pleasant experience to view important information.

Mobile Friendly

These days 70% of people are using their mobile devices to visit websites and shop online. 

Divisions Pages

Each page has a clear heading and every dision has all the  important information at the top. 

Breaking up information

Having different colors for backgrounds allows the user to focus on one section at a time and retain more information with ease. 

The end result

A website that is easy to navigate, is easily searchable on google.