Website Redesign

Step 1:

Discovery Call

(Work in process)

Step 2:

After reviewing the recorded calls I've gathered all my notes.

Some Key Takeaways

  • Margins are better with direct sales

  • Website structure so that it’s easy for the Cyberdata team to make edits and adjustments to the final design.

  • Target Audience are Resellers, Distributors and End Users

Step 3:

User Persona discovery with the team

  • They have 3 different users

  • Poor customer service from the manufacturer

  • Late product, unhappy resellers
  • Confusing page layout

Step 4:

Creating Brand Guidelines

Some Key Takeaways

  • After doing research and understanding the users I created Brand Guidelines
  • Setting this up will streamline the process of designing the website and will act as a guideline for marketing as well. 

Step 5:


This was an iterative process.

  • Every design starts with grey-scale mockups to make sure the flow is working. 
  • This flow gets tested with the team internally and reviewed by the client.

Step 6:

Final Mockups

Some Key Takeaways

  • This was a challenging problem to solve, as they have 3 different user personas.
  • All 3 personas would interact with the website in slight different ways.
  • We had to create various portals/flows to capture the attention of each user.