UX/UI Design

Ride Sharing for the Future

Offering easy and comfortable ride-sharing options in an autonomous electrical vehicle

How might we optimize the ride-sharing experience in a future with autonomous electrical vehicles, in order to reduce traffic?

I began with research

I interviewed young professionals who use a car to commute to work.

Here are some key insights

  •  A common theme between commuters was elevated levels of stress and anger due to the volume of traffic on todays roads.
  • People felt they didn’t have enough time in their day to be productive.
  • My interviewees mentioned they would feel more comfortable if they didn’t have to drive on busy streets. 

I created a persona

With a better understanding of the problem space through the scope of the people I interviewed, I created a persona.

Creating a persona helped me design with the needs and struggles of the user.

User Tasks

To help develop and refine the functionality of the mobile solution, I created a list of user stories. These are actions a user would take while interacting with the mobile application.


Sourcing UI inspiration from the web I sketched a few less time consuming versions.

Wire-framing allowed me to test the usability of my design with minimal time wasted.

User Testing

I conducted 2 rounds of user testing

Key insights

Users were confused about where to choose their drop off location.

Users were unsure of the purpose of the feedback screen.

Some buttons looked inactive and users weren’t sure if they could click on them.

Inspiration and Branding

By creating a mood board I got to hone in on specific theme and style guide.

Logo Iterations

I made a UI Library

With a unique logo and branding

To market the brand and present the key features I designed a marketing page

Apple Watch

Optimizing the application for various platforms helped me understand the different usability issues that might occur.


Moving forward I would develop the experience even further by creating in-car features. Users would be able to connect to the vehicles infotainment system and customize certain features such as mood lighting, music and temperature.

I learned a lot from this project. Specifically the importance of research and how it impacts the design. If I had a do-over I would spend more time conducting research and interview more people.