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Powerful Wesbite that converts leads into customers

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A Quick Word.

At the end of the day, your website should do three things for you:


It should be a powerful customer educator.

Helping potential customers to understand what you are all about – effortlessly.


It should be a powerful driver of acquisition.

We make the website turn potential customers into, well, customers.


It should work for you, even when you're sleeping.

Your website should be like an employee that’s selling for you around the clock, work for you day-in and day-out without you having to lift a finger.

Project Goal.

To provide Lift Atheltics with a website and e-commerce platform that acts as a 24/7 sales machine.

It's not "just a website"

Here's What
You're Getting.

Our websites aren’t just websites.

They are customer-focused, conversion-centric sales platforms designed to put your message out in front of your customers in a way that gets them to act.

By the end of the project, you will have:


A 24/7 sales platform.

Websites don’t close like stores do. The right investment in a solid e-commerce site will help keep sales rolling in around the clock.


Stronger marketing through social & search's.

When you own your platform, you can set it up to be first in line when people go looking for the goods you got. If you don’t have a platform, there’s nothing to go searching for.


Stronger conversions and brand love.

Buyers are on the internet to shop, and your site enables you to showcase your services and products in a way that is right for them. Collect emails, build loyalty, create rewards, and foster a stronger community all through your website. This all adds up to create repeat customers and a lot of brand love.

The Goods

Website Layout.



This is where we make a a bold statement and message, capturing the customer’s attention and showcasing your service and expertise. This will also include a call to action button getting them to view your products.


Shop Products (workout programs).

The heart of it. The products section displays all the products you have and makes it easy for customers to browse through and purchase them.



This section lets people know who you are and what you’re all about. Showcase your story, reviews, and sales pitch.



Showcasing the clients you’ve worked with and the results they got working with you.

If you have video testimonials they are killer. 



Make it easy for customers to get in touch with you with a clear and inviting contact page. Remember, the more contact with customers, the more brand love.

The none negotiables

Website Requirements.

Enables a customer to easily explore and buy products.


Be able to manage various products by singles and in categories, as well as host an unlimited number of products and product variants.

Rich Product Description

Have rich product description capabilities including detailed descriptions and images.

Payment and Refunds

Manage all payments and refunds, as well as provide tracking and PCI compliance.


manage all tax requirements depending on the customer’s jurisdiction.

Discounts and Promos

Manage the creation and execution of discounts & promo codes.


provide email notifications for things such as purchases.


be able to make financial deposits directly into a designated account.

Cart Recovery

provide abandoned cart recovery for increased conversion.

Website Platform Requirements:

The website must:

Content Creation and Editing:

Enable the client to build out additional pages and add/edit content and images.


Enable the integration of a blog (not included in original build)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

Ensure that the Page Title, Page Summary and other critical SEO elements are able to be created.


Provides integration to various analytics platforms, for real-time analytics/reporting.


Allow for GDPR compliance.

Down to bizness

Investment and Timeline.


(We can also workout some trading)

Bringing the site to market will require an investment of:

$2,999 + taxes

payable in two-terms (50% upfront, 50% upon completion).


To complete the new website it will take:

4-6 weeks

to design, develop, and launch – provided that the content is provided in a timely matter.

Included in all packages

Training Sessions to get you up to speed.

Secure Customer Transactions & Check Out.

Rich Description of products and services that they’ll fall in love with.

Conversion Focused Design And Build.


Add Ons.

Website Hosting

Starting at $49 per month

Want us to host your site and keep it secure? We’ll cover that, making sure your products stay up to date, your website stays fresh, analytics are delivered into your inbox, and that your performance stays on top of its game.

Facebook Ads

Starting at $199 per month

Want us to take care of Facebook Ads that drive people to your website? We can take care of that too.

Keyword + SEO power-up

Starting at $1,499 / $499 per month ongoing

In order to ensure that your site is optimized for search engines from the get go, we first need to understand what your customers are searching for and what your competitors are doing.

This add-on ensures that the site we build matches customer search queries and beats out the competition to that number one spot in Google – a must for any business that wants to grow.


  • Detailed keyword research for your company and at least 3 competitors.
  • On-page keyword integration and on-page SEO integration.
Whats Next?

Open communication and laying out all the details is important to me. 

Understanding your goals.

I have a proven process – I take the time to understand your needs and goals. It’s important to me that I understand your vision and your process.

I put together a worksheet that we work through together – this helps define the next steps.


All based on your target audience and goals – We’ll tackle problems and make tasks simple, with a look and feel that speaks to you and your customers.


After we have agreed on a design and I understand your goals – the fun part begins! (for me).

Ready to start this project?

Send me a message here or text me.
Fine Print.

Open communication and laying out all the details is important to me. 


The domain for the website will be provided by the client. If no domain is currently purchased, we will seek out and purchase a domain on your behalf. All costs will be covered by the client.


If the client does not have a preferred hosting choice, website hosting will be determined by Adriano, based on our experience, as well as the needs of the website. All costs for hosting, themes, and plugins will be covered by the client.


All content and copy will be provided by the client and uploaded to the site by Adriano.

Images will be jointly sourced by both parties and the cost of images, if any, will be covered by the client.

Post Launch Hosting.

Your website needs to work for you, your business, and your customers and in today’s competitive web environment, you have to ensure your website is working at it’s best.

Content updates, software updates, plugins, performance, backups, and security all need to be regularly maintained to make sure that your site is performing competitively.

But your time is valuable – and it should be spent running your business. That’s where I come in.

I have packaged a range of Website Care Plans that will keep your site fresh, backed up, performance-optimized, and secure.

I encourage you to think intelligently about your website. You’ve made an investment. Now, make sure it’s working for you.


Our Work.
davis benefits homescreen

An active management, advisory and brokerage services to Canadian employers.

A caffe in the heart of Langley selling giftcards on their website.

An interior design + construction firm.

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