Heuristic Evaluation | UX + UI | Design Thinking | User Journey
App Evaluation and Redesign
I assessed an existing application suffering from a subpar User Experience and effectively enhanced it through the creation of a new user journey, UI library, and a more coherent information architecture.

Jan 2020

E-Commerce | UX + UI | Shopify | Design Systems | Shopify
Shopify Design System
Increased efficiency by 50% by crafting design systems to standardize and scale website and app creations.

Sept 2021

User Personas | User Testing | Brand Guidelines | Stakeholder Interviews
Website Redesign
Conducted interviews with stakeholders for VOIP company that needed a new website. User Personas, wire framing, research and mockups.

Dec 2022

E-Commerce | Design Thinking | Brand Guidelines | Figma Mockups | Shopify
E-Commerce Website Redesign
Created a scaleable design system and website design for a local Coffee brand. Increased sales by 60% by adding a Coffee Subscription package.

Feb 2020

shed homes case study
Design Thinking | Brand Guidelines | Squarespace
Website Redesign
I transformed a contracting company's website, creating a user-centric and visually appealing platform that showcased their services and past projects. The modern UI design and dynamic portfolio section boosted their credibility and market position.

March 2021

Design Thinking | Brand Guidelines | WordPress | Elementor
Website Design + Branding
I successfully created a visually captivating and user-friendly website, incorporating innovative UI/UX elements that resulted in a significant increase in user engagement and conversion rates.

Aug 2020

Design Thinking | User Flows | Lo-Fi + Hi-Fi Design | Prop-tech
Redesigning Property Technology App
Enhanced Product Requirement documents and Design Systems, driving scalability and operational efficiencies for the Product Team's seamless development and growth.

June 2023

User Testing | Design Systems | PRD Documents
Product Design Efficiencies + Systems
Established and maintained a comprehensive design system, facilitating consistency across the platform and enabling rapid iteration, resulting in a 40% reduction in design production time and faster time-to-market for new features.

April 2023

Research | User Personas | User Tasks | Wireframes | User Testing | Logo Creation
UX + UI App Design
I learned a lot from this project. Specifically the importance of research and how it impacts the design. If I had a do-over I would spend more time conducting research and interview more people.

Nov 2019