Must-haves for your small business website

Home Page

This page is designed to tell your story – but more importantly why potential customers would want to work with you/buy from your or use your service.

FAQ or Are we a good fit?

Everyone has questions or potential objections when it comes to spending money on your business. Help your potential customers by answering some of these questions. 

Put yourself in their shoes and think of some questions they might have. Put this in a section of its own or on its own page. Write out the questions and answer them. This will help create reassurance with your new customers. 


Speaking of reassurance. The first step of decision making is made on an emotional level.

Testimonials are a vital part of your website, they help your potential costumer see and believe the benefits your existing customers when working with you.

If you can get a video testimonial on your website – those work the best. At the very least, use good pictures for your testimonials.

CTA aka Call to Action

Make a book a call button or whatever you need to get that new customer. Use this button on the first section of your home page. Use it all over the site. 

Create a designated page for booking a call or scheduling an appointment.

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