Hiring a designer for the first time

Some things to consider when working with a designer for the first time for your business:

Your Goals:

Write down your business goals. Short term and long term. Where do you see your business in the next 6 months? Stating your goals to your designer will help the process of getting your business online effectively.

Your Niche:

Understand who your ideal client/customer is! This is a super important part of growing your business. It will help your designer understand who they’re designing for. It’s all about personalized customer service.

Do they take the time to listen?

Make sure your designer takes the time to understand your business and who you serve.
You’re the expert – help them by telling your story.


When working on a project, it’s a two-way street: be prepared to put in some work too! The design process heavily relies on your communication and efforts.

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